Latest Purchases


It’s been almost 3 more months since I’ve written a post.  That’s just crazy!  Things are finally normalizing where I’m not working every day at the restaurant.  I’m starting to come up with a more consistent investing plan over the next 6 years.  Stay tuned!   I Bought: Sept: ($-28,369.25) $900 of SBUX $800 of […]

Recent Purchases & Quick Update


Wow, does time fly!  It’s literally been 3 months since I’ve written a post.  No, I haven’t disappeared from the earth or stopped investing towards FI.  I’ve just been so overwhelmed and busy starting up a restaurant that it’s consuming almost all my time.   I Bought: May: ($2400) $1000 of DEO $1200 of TEVA $200 of […]

New Purchases – Week of 05/08/16


I Bought: 05/03 $200 of BP $400 of DEO I used $600 in new capital and added $24.35/year to my dividend income. This is an average yield of 4.06%. Notes: I’m still adding to DEO here.  It’s slowly building up to a full position.  If DEO stays under $110 , I plan to keep adding some shares.  They […]

New Purchases – Week of 05/01

Costa Rica 635

  I Bought: 04/26 $200 of BP $300 of WFC $1000 of DEO I used $1500 in new capital and added $46.28/year to my dividend income. This is an average yield of 3.09%. Notes: Two weeks in a row I’ve had larger purchases of over $1500.  This won’t continue though for a while.  I sold a few […]

Dividend Increase – Unilever (UL) (UN)


Just in case you missed it, Unilever (UL) announced 04/14 a dividend increase of 6% to  €0.3201 per share.  It’s about a $0.02 increase from previous.  Just like clockwork, Unilever keeps increasing it’s dividend.  It may not get the attention it deserves because its dividend is declared in Euros and currency conversion to U.S. dollars can make the […]

New Purchases – Last Four Weeks Update


This is a catch-up post for my last four weeks of purchases. I Bought: 03/29 None 04/05 $200 of TD 04/12 $200 of TD 04/19 $250 of DE $250 of WFC $1000 of DEO I used $1900 in new capital and added $52.55/year to my dividend income. This is an average yield of 2.77%. Notes: I’d […]

March 2016 – Monthly Update


  Below is a summary of my activity for the month: New Purchases: $1,300 (NET) $900 of TEVA $200 of DEO $200 of CAT Posts about new purchases can all be found by following the “Buys” label here. Sells:  None Dividends: January – 293.72 February – $362.73 TGT – 47.77 CVX – 37.95 TEVA – 26.55 MCD – 16.43 ESV – 4.86 BP – […]

Motif Investing – DOW 30 – Portfolio Update


I haven’t posted an update since last July.  I  wanted to take a look at how it’s doing.  I originally posted my Motif Review back in the middle of last year.  If you haven’t checked out Motif yet then I’d recommend taking a look.  You basically get to purchase a basket of 30 stocks for one […]

New Purchases – 03/01 03/08 03/15 03/22


This is a catch-up post for my purchases in March.  I’m currently contributing just $300 weekly into my Sharebuilder accounts.  I was making purchases every two weeks but now I’m making smaller purchases every week.  I hope to pick up the purchases a lot in a few months after taxes are paid and my new […]

February 2016 – Monthly Update

I’m a little late AGAIN getting this out… I promise not to make a habit of it but I’ve been super busy getting the new business started.  I can’t believe it’s been a month since I’ve posted!  I do owe my readers more updates and I’ll try to get back on a regular weekly schedule […]