Monthly Update – November

I had a really busy month in November.  I went on an options trading frenzy in September and October but I went on a buying frenzy in November.

New Purchases:

26 shares of BDX mentioned in a post here.
59 shares of TWGP mentioned in a post here.
100 shares of VOD mentioned in a post here.
202 shares of INTC mentioned in a post here and here.
19 shares of CVX mentioned in a post here.
23 shares of MCD mentioned in a post here.
37 shares of NSC mentioned in a post here.

I put over $16,400 of new capital to work

Options Trades:

I sold puts in INTC and VOD.  I closed a put in ADM and I was assigned 100 shares of INTC from another put I sold in September.  My total profit from options is now at $2321 for the year before commissions.  I’ve updated all of these trades on my Options tab.


I earned 117.05 in dividends for November.  This brings my total for the year to $1296.43.  My expected future 12 months of dividend income has increased to $2988.93 from $2493.10.  This is an increase of 20% since October mainly due to new purchases.  I’ve updated my dividend income on my Dividends tab.  


I already hit my goal of $2400 in forward dividends by the end of the year.  I’m really close to hitting $3000 now.  My goal for next year of $3800 seems easily obtainable now so I may revise that upwards.

Real Estate:

I just received my new insurance premium for rental until #1 , it came in at $885 , an increase of about 4$ a month.  I hope to be able to increase rent this year.  I also continue to aggressively overpay on my 2nd lien for my primary residence.  My goal is to have it paid off by February eliminating a $380.35 monthly payment.

Looking Ahead:

I underestimated my contributions which is a good thing.  I now need to set higher dividend goals than I originally set.  My portfolio value has more than doubled from 34k in April to over 74k now.  This is mainly due to new purchases.  I’ve made great progress since starting a DG strategy and plan to aggressively contribute next year.  I am looking forward to higher dividends each and every year.


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    That’s awesome that your forward dividends are almost $3k. Mine are just under $1.5k now but I’ve got just under $6k waiting to be deployed. I’ll be glad when I can start selling off my ESPP shares and get full long term capital gains tax treatment for them. I’ve got about $12k in it right now and another $5k or so once the new year rolls around. Getting approximately $6k changed from my company’s ESPP to DG stocks every 6 months is sure going to help out. Congrats on the progress.

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    What an awesome month. You invested more in one month than what a lot of people invest in a decade. Heck, I consider myself a pretty intense saver/investor for my income level and that’s about five month’s worth of investing for me. Keep up the great work!

    Best wishes.

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      x3 that is incredible AB!

      I like the mix of companies you picked. Very diverse. I need to get my hands on some BDX.

      You’re obviously doing very well with your firm, Congratulations! It’s going to be fun watching you become a millionare!

      Haha $16,400 is more than I will save in all of 2013. Wow

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      DM, thanks for stopping by and I appreciate the kind words.

      Anonymous,thanks for stopping by to comment.

      CI, I do like BDX and would like to add some MDT or BAX to compliment it at some point.

      I’m fortunate to be doing well with my business and able to pay myself a nice end of year bonus. I hope to put most of that to work in the market. 7 purchases is not a typical month but I hope to keep making at least 2 or 3 purchases per month going forward. I also look forward to watching your portfolio grow as well! Happy holidays!

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    It looks to me that all of those are strong purchases. I haven’t looked at TWGP closely but I’m certainly on board with all those other buys.

    The options strategy is smart as well. I occasionally sell puts to enter positions when I’m not completely satisfied with the available price.

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      Hi Dividend Monk,

      Thanks for stopping by to comment.

      I used to own HGIC and after they were bought out I was shopping for a new insurance investment. I almost bought AFL and wish I had but I tend to take on more risks sometimes so I thought I’d go with a much smaller p&c company, TWGP. I still haven’t given up on them and don’t plan to unless they halt or stop increasing their dividend YOY. They have seen a lot of weakness lately as they have had some tough times with the recent storm in the northeast where most of their business is.

      The options strategy is working out well so far. I plan to continue an options strategy but mainly limit it to stocks I already own or want to own. As you mention, it’s a great way to get a better price.

      Take care!

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      I held HGIC when it was bought out too. That was a nice company; very well run.

      I looked into TWGP only slightly during that time (and looked into CINF more substantially), but ended up picking CB as another insurance holding along with HGIC. I like AFL at current prices.

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      I agree about HGIC. I don’t know a lot about CB but should do more research on them, I haven’t previously because their yield is below my acceptable range. CINF has also done well sitting at their 52-week high. I would buy some AFL now but I have all the insurance exposure I am willing to accept at this time. Thanks for sharing.

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