Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Weekly Purchases - DE, BBL, WFC

 I'm reporting my automatic purchases for this week (12/17):

I Bought:

$250 of DE
$750 of BBL
$500 of WFC

I used $1500 in new capital and added $46.69/year to my dividend income.  This is an average yield of  3.1%.

My forward 12-month dividend income increased to $8356.32.


DE is still a small position and I plan to continue adding in small increments.  I decided to add some BBL to bring it to full weight while the stock was down a little bit.  I also added some WFC to try and bring it up to full weight.  My cost basis is still well below current prices.  It's still tough to find good values right now so I'll continue to add to my cash position in case of a pullback.

My revised forward dividend goal of $8500 may be tough to hit but I will try to make it by year's end.


Just for some fun and to add some color I will be posting pictures of places I've been to.  It's also motivation to reach FI so I can travel and do what I want to when I want to.

This is a picture from Verona, Italy taken last fall.  

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  1. All three companies are great!
    I own BBL, but I want to have DE and WFC too.

    And your dividend-amount about $8356.32 is wonderful!

    At the moment I can only dream from such a big amount.
    But year by year, I will increase my dividend income like you! :-)

    best regards

    1. Dividend-Sammler,

      Congrats on being a fellow BBL shareholder. You are making some nice progress yourself. My motivation is the consistent increases each and every month.

      Thanks for stopping by!