Dividend Increase – John Deere (DE)


Many people were disappointed in February when DE decided to keep the dividend the same for the 5th straight quarter.  This is certainly a red flag but for a cyclical company that has a history of going more than 4 quarters sometimes, I wasn’t too concerned.  The announcement this week though eliminated many of these fears.

John Deere announced Wednesday a quarterly dividend increase of $0.09 from $0.51 to $0.60 per share that’s payable August 1, 2014 to holders of record as of June 30, 2014.  This latest increase was 18%!

This will be the 11th straight year of dividend increases for DE!

DE has a current P/E of 9.9 and a yield of 2.6%.  I’ve already decided to keep the company as a half  position with the other half in CAT.

Since I own 34.42 shares, this will increase my yearly dividends by $12.39.  This is the 21st stock in my portfolio to increase their dividend this year.

You can find all of my dividend increase announcements here.

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