Monthly Update – May 2014

This year is seriously flying  by!  I barely had time to notice all of the green from spring and now temperatures are already approaching 100 degrees on hot days.  However, I do have a vacation to Hawaii planned for July to relax that I’m excited about.

Below is a summary of my activity for the month:

New Purchases: $6,564

$950 of ESV
$400 of TGT
$250 of KMI
$200 of UL
$200 of FDO
$200 of JNJ
80 WFC – $3964

Posts about new purchases can all be found by following the “Buys” label here.


Options Trades:

I decided to close out one of my options positions in TGT.  TGT has been under weakness and I didn’t want to get both puts assigned.  I squeezed out a small profit of $48.  I also had a KO put expire worthless collecting the full premiums of $177. I had one new put I sold in BBVA and I’ll collect $226 if it expires worthless next January.  I plan to have more options activity the second half of the year.

My total profit for the year is  $900.00.

I’ve updated all of these trades on my Options tab and you can find these trades on my options label.



OHI – 100
BBVA – 117.71*
TGH – 42.30
CLX – 36.21
VZ – 61.48
GIS – 26.65
CAT – 37.31
KMI – 141.85
APD – 35.63
TD – 60.12
DE – 15.34

* – paid end of April but included for May

I earned $674.60 in dividends for the month.  This is an increase of 135% from the same month last year.  My total year-to-date dividend income is $3465.01.  This is 34.7% toward my goal of $10,000 in dividends for the year.  

I’ve updated my dividend income on my Dividends tab.

Forward 12-month Dividends:

My expected forward 12-month dividend income has increased to $10,449.69 from $10,114.55, a 3.3% increase since last month.  I am behind on my goal of 14,000 by year’s end.  I hope to acccelerate my purchases the second half of the year to catch up.

Forward_Dividends_05_14You can find all of my monthly dividend information from the Dividends page.

Dividend Increases: 

The following 2 companies in my portfolio increased their dividends this month.

CLX – 4.2% increase announced on 05/12
DE – 18% increase announced on 05/20

I’ve now had 20 companies increase dividends so far this year.

These increases can also be found on my Dividend Increases label.


I completed my first goal in April of closing on a 3rd rental property.  The next goal I’ll probably hit will be to finish the Yakezie challenge that I started in January or reaching 300,000 page views (currently 210k).

These goals can be found on the Goals tab.

Real Estate:

I have finally moved into my new office.  That’s one reason I haven’t been able to post much lately is that I’ve been so busy getting everything set up.  I’m finally settled and ready to grow my business further.  We also bought a kegerator and are planning on tapping that really soon with a local craft beer.

All rentals are leased but I have the condo lease coming up for renewal in two months.  We’ve reached out to the tenants with no response so far to see if they are renewing.  I’m not too worried since it leased in one week last year.

I continue to post my electric bill and I still have a credit from the city due to me producing more electricity than I’m using.  I plan to use up those credits in the summer when demand is much higher on the A/C units. I’ll continue posting updates.  You can find my latest electric bill and any other solar updates here.

All of my other real estate posts will be found on my real estate label.

Net Worth:

I’m now at $670k, up from $654k.  This is a $16,000 increase in one month.  Some of this is due to gains in the market but the majority is still from income.  As my portfolio grows, the fluctuations in the market will have a much greater effect on my net worth value.

You can find the details of this on my Net Worth page.

Looking Ahead:

My expected dividends for June are $1390 which would set a new record.

I will be contributing more to purchases in June once again and hope to keep increasing purchases the rest of the year.  My goal of 14k in forward income looks really tough to obtain right now though.

I also signed up for Motif Investing.  You can find a review a wrote by following that link.  I’ve already made my first purchase and will share that soon.


  1. says


    My goodness you are picking up your purchases. Your month was really solid. Our passive income was almost identical last month. On a side note hopefully the Horns will take out the Coogs in the super regional this weekend. I loved socking it to the Ags last weekend. 🙂


    • All About Interest says

      Hi MDP,

      I’m not close to your level of contributions yet but I’m working on it. I’m not a big baseball fan but I’ll be following the horns as long as they keep winning. I anxious for football season to start.


    • All About Interest says

      Hey JC,

      Thanks alot! I’m behind on my goals though so it will be interesting to see what I can make happen the second half of the year.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. says

    Your year over year increase on dividends from 2013 to 2014 is mighty impressive.
    Purchases look good. My most recent purchases were ESV, KMI, and TGT so I agree with that. JNJ is a wonderful company . UL and FDO are the only ones I don’t have an opinion on.

    Unfortunately you still have roughly 8-10x as many page views as us. We’ll catch up!
    Wallet Engineer #1 recently posted…How to Find a TenantMy Profile

    • All About Interest says

      Hi Wallet,

      This will probably be the last year for 100% plus yoy increases. I can’t keep that pace forever! Nice purchases, great minds think alike. I love UL and have been wanting to add that company for a while. FDO has a long streak of increasing dividends but has been under earnings pressure lately.

      I’m not too worried about page views. I don’t write to bring in more traffic, I write to keep myself motivated and hold myself accountable. I hope that will motivate others in the process. Keep writing and I’m sure your traffic number will keep increasing.


  3. says

    Thank you for sharing your recent dividend income update. Though you may not reach $14k for dividends for the year don go chasing some interim high yielding stock to try and get there. At this rate you’ll reach it a few months after 2015 starts between compounding and dividend increases. Look forward to the next update.
    DivHut recently posted…Dividends: The Breakfast Of ChampionsMy Profile

    • All About Interest says


      Sure , it motivates me and hopefully others as well. Don’t worry, I won’t go chasing high-yielding MLP’s and REIT’s just to meet a goal, I’d rather purchase quality over quantity. With the new office building, I’ve taken a big hit in pay so I hope that corrects itself the second half of the year.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. says


    Another fantastic month. I can only think of superlatives! 🙂

    The net worth jump was phenomenal. That’s a whole year’s salary for some people. You’re killing it!

    Keep up the great work. And I hope you enjoy that trip to Hawaii. Sounds amazing.

    Best wishes.
    Dividend Mantra recently posted…Extreme Frugality RevisitedMy Profile

    • All About Interest says

      Hi Jason,

      Thanks! I appreciate that. I think a lot of the net worth increase was due to the markets. I do expect better income numbers the second half of the year though. I’m going to need it to make most of my goals.

      Thanks and likewise. I hope your writing full-time turns out well for you. Yeah, I’ve never been and am looking forward to the trip. We’re going to the Big Island and Maui.

      Take care!

    • All About Interest says

      Hi AG,

      Thanks, it was better than I had expected. I don’t think I can sustain such high growth rates for long but as long as the trend is higher I’ll be happy.

      I love options, specifically selling puts against companies I own or want to own. I plan to have more options trades the second half of the year. However, the direction of the markets could influence that. I look forward to seeing your trades.

      Thanks and I appreciate the continued support!

    • All About Interest says


      Thanks buddy. Haha, it’s supposed to motivate employees and is doing a great job so far. Frosty cold dividends, I like that! I definitely will be sharing in those dividends!

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • All About Interest says


      Thanks! Yeah , I was able to put more money to work than previous months so far this year. I hope I can step it up even more the second half of the year. That $14k mark is going to be really hard but I am not giving up yet.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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